Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

The cake was great fun to make; Cal was giddy with excitement and what isn't fun to do with a giddy three year old? Also, it was delicious to boot. Abbott, Cal, Jean and Alexi did the decorating while I showered.

We learned from Jean that the French are hopeful that Obama will win the election. We talked about the importance of the French in winning the revolutionary war, and the French revolution being influenced by the American.

We had friends over this morning to hang out at the beach with us and have lunch. Later this afternoon I enjoyed a long chat with my sister via cellphone during a leisurely walk around Greenlake; the boys biked around the lake. I always like talking to friends and family on holidays - the sense of collective relaxation.

My first memory of watching fireworks is of a time in 1975 in Texas at the high school football field. I remember it vaguely as a thrilling experience. This will be Abbott's first fireworks experience he'll likely remember; I'm less certain Cal will remember tonight.

I loved being able to walk to the fireworks and the sense of neighborhood camaraderie while sitting on the grass. The 10pm show was hard for the boys, who are usually in bed at 7...

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