Sunday, August 10, 2008

diary of a camper

We took the boys camping at Fort Flagler State Park. It was my first experience tent camping; Alexi did a lot of it as a kid. Another family invited us to join them and we were up for the adventure. Here's how it went:

10:00 - start packing
1:00 - drive away from the house
1:10 - stop at the gas station for ice
2:00 - get in line for the ferry in Edmonds, WA
3:25 - get on the ferry
4:30 - arrive at the campsite
5:10 - tent pitched
5:30 - camp fire dinner
6:00 - evening walk, explore the park
8:00 - make s'mores
10:00 - lights out
1:10am - pine cone (I think) falls on our tent next to my head
2:45am - Awakened by intense rustling. Upon opening my eyes I see Alexi putting on rain pants.
2:50am - Alexi finally leaves the tent, presumably for the restroom.
2:52am - Alexi returns to the tent and removes the rain pants. Much more rustling. Am amazed the kids keep sleeping.
4:00am - loud rain
5:25am - light outside and in the tent. I lie awake, wondering how long until the kids wake up.
6:00am - Abbott needs to use the restroom.
6:25am - Alexi successfully starts a fire. I get up to use the restroom. Cal wakes up.
7:30am Breakfast - blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs....

the ferry ride home

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Becky said...

Lots of work, for sure. But they'll always remember the trip, right kids? Right???

Great pics too!