Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gone fishing part II

On a bike ride yesterday we rode past the Elliott Bay Fishing Pier. Alexi and Abbott were ahead of Cal and me, so they pulled over to check out the fishing action. Here's an excerpt from Alexi's email to his father describing the experience:

"...This afternoon we went on a bike ride and had a picnic at the sculpture park, where the trail ends. Along the way, Abbott and I detoured out to the fishing pier - see attached pics. 'Terrance' (I think that was his name) was very enthusiastic about sharing his expertise and equipment with us. He caught the big perch with a baby crab. He used raw shrimp from the store to help Abbott catch several little perch. I told him I thought perch were fresh water, and he said they were a kind of 'surf perch'. Terrence said he'd caught the ling cod 5 times this summer, until one day he saw a diver spear-fishing. No more ling cod since then. Apparently it's a $1500 fine if caught with a fish like that out of season. He whipped the picture out of his wallet. There was a similar, undated picture on the shelter bulletin board; he said the game warden had told him to take down the one with the date because the date was out of season. Anyway, I can't wait to have you and Abbott give it a whirl."

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