Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am a hockey mom

Cal and Alexi



Abbott is in the orange helmet

A few weeks ago, Abbott and Cal started playing hockey. Alexi has played most of his life, and the boys are quite enthusiastic about playing too. They rollerbladed all summer in preparation. The first practice happened to occur on a weekend when Alexi was on call. Take a look at this photo to get an idea of the amount of gear I had to get on the boys alone, with no prior experience!

Here is the note left in my calendar by Alexi for the first practice:

- long underwear for Cal
- cup
- garter belt
- shin guards
- socks, secured by garter belt
- clear plastic tape over socks to hold shin guards in place
- pants
- skates
- shoulder pads
- elbow pads
- shirt
- helmet
- gloves
- stick
- walk to the door to the ice
- remove skate guards

Somehow I managed to get it all on them and get them on the ice on time, though I was sweating toward the end of the 30 minute dressing session!

And for the record, this hockey momma plans to vote for Obama!

our yard signs


KPiep said...

Oh My! That's quite the list! It looks like a lot of fun, though, and I think it's wonderful that your family shares a sport like that.

Thanks for commenting on my blog this morning!

preppyplayer said...

I thought Football had a lot of gear-hockey wins!
That's nice the boys will share a sport with their Dad and because I am a ski instructor I can tell you that skaters make the best skiers
Good government choices.

preppyplayer said...

I meant good government choices regarding the signs- not the hockey players-yet :)

Ina J Offret said...

Wow that is a lot of gear and not just one but TWO boys to dress....great pictures, BTW I love your house....and.... yours truly, this Alaskan voter, agrees with your Presidential choice!

annechovie said...

Lecia~ I am impressed! That's a lot of gear!

Joyce said...

Lecia- you crack me up! That list is lonnnnng... I would be the one to get them ALL dress and forget to ask bathroom question AFTER they would be dressed!

lapetitevie said...

That is overwhelming! I'm impressed.

Becky said...

Yay Hockey Moms for Obama!

And omg, the gear! I don't know if I could do it!

Mrs.French said...

now this is my kind of hockey mom...xxoo

pve design said...

Downhill ski family here, and our kids race, the equipment is crazy - like that of hockey. All good for boys, verdict is not out on the Moms. It requires more than just lipstick.

Katee said...

Cute photos!!

RID said...

Wow those photos are so cute! In my point of view Obama will be your next president. I prefer him...
That horrible lady Palin I'dont like...

Ivy Lane said...

Lecia, Kudos to you! You'll get that list down pat in no time! My sis-in-law is a hockey mom...for 13 years now...she says the hardest part is the 6 a.m. practices on the weekends!! P.S. There is nothing on the list that says: "Thermos of hot chocolate for super mom!" ;) Glad you shared your political choice as well!

** I'm on a soap box in my post today!

Jeannine said...

Whoa! You are amazing! I don't know if i would have gotten all of that right. That was quite the thorough list, very impressive. p.s. I am also an Obama Momma. :)

Broady said...

Guess I'm the lone voice in the wilderness rooting for McCain... but adore your blog all the same ; )

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!! I love to hear from all of you.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

You should start a Hockey Mom's for Obama Club. I don't have kids, but I would join:)

mominaledo said...

I ran across your blog via 'More Ways to Waste Time.' As soon as I saw your Hockey Mom post and that you lived in Alaska - I wondered who you were voting for...then I saw the Obama picture. Very interesting. The Democrats are outnumbered down in TX but definitely have the lead as of this mornings estimates.

dolcechic said...

Just stumbled on your blog, it's great. PS I love your sign :)