Friday, December 5, 2008

inspire creativity

"In our earliest years there's no how? to our plunge into art. The doing gives the answer. There is no one way. Your work in art is original and there is no end to the adventure..." - Ashley Bryan

Abbott is driven to create. He starts every day with an hour or so at our craft table writing, drawing, cutting, making. A couple of weeks ago he was hugely inspired by a visit to Cal's preschool, watching the kids journal after lunch. In response to his enthusiasm, I ordered some Bare Books I remembered seeing on Fighting Windmills. I had planned only to order a couple of books, but the company has a $25 minimum order. The basic books are only $1.75 each, so I ordered multiple books, stickers, comic book pages, comic stencils, and crayons. Here are some photos I took a few hours after giving the boys their new supplies:

After seeing how absolutely magical and limitless Abbott found these books to be, I put in an order of these for my niece's Christmas gift. The crayons are made of plastic (instead of wax), and the drawings made with them look really good and don't smudge or flake off. Abbott has been reading a lot of Calvin and Hobbes these days, so he was thrilled by the comic book and call-out template. I also put in another order for more comic books - $15 for a set of 25! I think these supplies are a great gift idea that other kids would be inspired by as well.


Irene said...

Thank you, Leicia, for this great idea. I'm already planning on getting some for my own little one and others little ones I know!

Ina J Offret said...

Thanks Lecia, these would work for my grandchildren. Thanks for the suggestion. And.... I would like some jambalaya on Abbott's Gumbo Jet! :) xo

silverdot said...

what a great idea. it looks like you have a budding artist. he is fantasitc.

KPiep said...

I have a bookmaker too! She doesn't like pre-made books, though, but prefers instaed to draw up as many pages she likes on loose paper and then figure out how to attach them. We've some rather 'creative' solutions around here.

Joyce said...

Lecia- I LOVE these books!!!! Do the boys take orders?!
I enjoy anthing and everthing creative, but children's art- melts my heart! I am the proud owner of some children's art and cherish them- to me they are priceless!!
I thought it was a neat idea to have children's art made into books, but this way it is the actual art on the pages and not copies.
If I was in charge of "mommy of the year award" it would for sure go to you!!! I love how you spend time with your boys (and share with us) and our building a very strong foundation for them!! said...

Oh Lecia, these are just precious. I remember being inspired to draw and create as a child and let's hope that never leaves Abbott. I especially like the cat, you can see the Hobbes in him!

Elizabeth said...

Abbot is quite an artist!

Tirzah said...

You are such a great Mom; isn't it amazing what happens when you give them something that satisfies their creative drives?

amy said...

cuteness! those all deserve displaying! and i adore C&H, I think I have the entire collection ;)

Sarah said...

Excellent work by Abbott. "Wutcha do'n" made me just crack up! And those jets are amazing! It's fun to share ideas with each other. Thanks for the linky love. You didn't have to do that! I'm glad your boys are enjoying their Bare Books and crayons.

Elissa said...

thanks for the tip! these are cool.

brooke said...

Those books are awesome.. I've never heard of them before. I've seen other blank books that were more like board books, but these are great!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

Irene: thanks for reading and commenting!

Ina: I love the "gumbo jet" too - I smile every time I look at it.

silverdot: thank you!

KPiep: I'd love to see a post about her books!

Joyce: (blush) thank you for your kind words.

Erin: thank you! Abbott says thanks, too.

Elizabeth: Abbott says thank you!

Tirzah: thank you!

Amy: thanks! It is so much fun to have Abbott now reading Alexi's old C&H books.

Sarah: thank you again for the brilliant idea! The "Wutcha do'n" cracks me up too, just thinking about it!

Elissa: thanks!

Brooke: thank you, and thanks for stopping by!