Saturday, June 28, 2008

a visitor

We're hosting a 14 year old from France for the next 3 weeks; he arrived today. He's the grandson of the host family Alexi lived with for a school year abroad in high school. Alexi's email to his parents:

Jean a survecu son premier apres-midi et diner chez nous. Quel gentil garcon! Il est tres gentil avec Abbott et Cal. Il est d'accord avec tout - si Abbott veut jouer aux echecs, il veut bien jouer. Si Abbott veut faire du roller, Jean veut bien essayer. Si Abbott veut jouer avec les pistolets a eau, Jean est d'accord (sinon trempe). Si Abbott veut aller a la plage, Jean veut bien. Si Abbott veut lire un livre a Jean, Jean veut bien ecouter. Si Abbott veut entendre son nouveau livre en francais, Jean veut bien lire. Au fait, merci BEAUCOUP pour les gateaux, le parfum (je ne sais pas comment decriver precisement, mail Lecia l'adore) et les livres en francais! Jean essaye de tout, meme le mais en epis -- il apprend la vie americaine! On a manger du sable avec les fraises ce soir - un dessert tres americain. il est bienveillant et aimable. j'espere que tout va bien chez vous. A bientot.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Out and About

Madison Park has reopened....

And back in Magnolia, more biking...


We're off to the pool for our morning swim lessons...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Day That Is Dessert

At the table tonight, Abbott said that today itself was his dessert. More swimming, bike riding, roller blading, and time at the beach today. Salmon fresh off the boat for dinner.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Right now

view from our bedroom balcony

Right now: daylight, still at 8:42pm. The day was full - swimming, time at the beach, a visit with an old friend and her daughter. I'm looking forward to settling into The Worst Hard Time for the rest of the evening. I hope for more patience tomorrow to manage the times when the boys don't listen the first (or second or third) time I ask them to do something. I love the relaxed pace of summer life, the minimal time in the car.