Friday, February 27, 2009

little joys in the snow

We woke up yesterday to an unexpected snowfall. Having gotten to bed late due to our Ash Wednesday service the night before, the two hour delayed start for school was a real gift. Abbott normally wakes up around 6:00am; he slept until a record 8:20. We had a great morning.

Small joys:

treats for the belly

open heart, open home

why giving matters

The Welcome Table

this video

This book: I've been absorbed in it all week.

A weekend ahead full of good things.

Have a great weekend everyone!


kks said...

the beauty of the snow and fresh prints! all we got was rain..:(
have a great weekend!

Frau said...

Hope the boys enjoy playing in the snow! Have a peaceful weekend!

Nina said...

I can hear the footsteps crunching, you are very lucky, we rarely have snow in these parts of the UK.

Nina x

KPiep said...

So there's where our snow went! The girls were just complaining that they never got to use their snow boots this year.

We're struggling with Wed. night prayer service at our house. Our congregation is working to revitalize it, and it is now fun and very family friendly. BUT, bedtime at our house is normally 7:30, and the service doesn't end until 8. (Which pushes bedtime awefully close to 9.) My husband won't go on Sundays, but will go with on Wed. nights, which compounds the issue. Sigh.

Debra said...

I'm so glad there was a school delay and your boys were able to play in the snow.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Joyce said...

I bet the boys enjoy the snow and the chance to sleep in.

Lecia- you are so sweet! Thank you my friend for the birthday wishes and for your wonderful comments!

Have a golden weekend with your beautiful family! xoxo

Vanessa said...

So pretty! I wouldn't mind it still being winter if we had a little snowfall here on the East Coast!

Amy said...

Oh thank you for displaying my blog on your post. What a pleasant surprise!!
And Thank you for the book recommendation. I am excited to get a hold of a copy.

nicola said...

beautiful photos and sentiments. thank you for the parenting book link.
which name?

Becky said...

What a nice surprise! Y'all have fun. And thanks for the book rec.

Paige said...

We got some snow yesterday, too. Glad you were able to get outside and enjoy it - we hunkered down indoors for the most part...
Oh, and thanks for the mention! I'm gonna go check out your links now. Have a great weekend!

heidi said...

Lecia, thanks for the book rec. I read the first page on & ordered it immediately. You should get a commission! xoh

annechovie said...

Hope you have a terrific weekend, Lecia.