Monday, February 23, 2009

Music: Guest Blogger Chelsea from {frolic!}

Today we are very fortunate to have Chelsea from Frolic! writing about her favorite tunes. She has great taste and aesthetic sensibility. Thanks Chelsea!


Hello! I am Chelsea from Portland. I write a blog called, Frolic! where I share my favorite things. Aside from my blog, I also work as a floral + event designer and on occasion a prop stylist. I enjoy living simply, wandering around snapping Polaroids, eating yummy food, attending shows, and hanging out with loved ones.

Lecia asked me to share some of my favorite tunes. Here's a little of what is spinning on my record player right now:

Camera obscura

I think I've been listening to Camera Obscura everyday for about a year. Good thing they are coming out with a new album on April 20th! I can't wait!

Innocence mission

The Innocence Mission might be old news to a lot of you but this '90's band recently released a new album that I can't get enough of. (Thanks for introducing them to me, Pam!)

The high violets

The High Violets are a seasoned Portland band who's style is ethereal and dreamy. Don't they have the best name? Photo via the one true b!x, Flickr.

Blue giant

Blue Giant offers just the right amount of blue-grassy twang.

The kooks

To me, The Kooks are the quintessential British rockers. Check out this pretty video they made.

Loch lomond

Each time I attend a Loch Lomond concert, I am transported to a lovely, lovely place. Their music easily ranks in my top 10.

For more of my favorites, check out the music section on my blog, Frolic!. Thank you so much for letting me visit your wonderful blog, Lecia!

All photos from band websites unless specified.


pve design said...

I love listening to music while I work and I also love BBC and so many British bands. My son loves Kings of Leon - I will tell him all about this list - He wants to be a music producer. Off to frolic! :)

Chelsea said...

Thanks so much, Lecia!

kks said...

talented and beautiful....will certainly check out these bands!

Dallas Shaw said...

thanks- been music searching this month


Debra said...

I love music- all types, but mostly listen to soothing classical while I work. I'm going to go check these out~ Thank you!

Anonymous said...

always so great to be introduced to new music. thanks!


SherriLynn said...

I spend most of my time listening to kid music. I look forward to adding some new, age-appropriate music to my iPod. Thanks for helping move my musical tastes out of the late 90's, early 00's!

Lecia, glad you're back in town.

Joanna Goddard said...

this is fabulous! i love chelsea :)

citysage said...

GREAT idea for a post! I'm seriously stunted in my musical development and am always looking for cool recommendations from people I admire. I'm for sure going to check out ALL of these!

Mel said...

the kooks are great! i'm not familiar with the other bands, but i look forward to checking them out. thanks for the music tips!

cindy : quaint said...

i love chelsea's taste and there are some new bands that 'sound' great. i also love that orla kiely apron you're giving away. i can't find one anywhere, but won't enter the contest because i'm new to your blog.