Friday, May 28, 2010

at the park

Yesterday Cal really took off riding his bicycle without training wheels, at long last, after practically being forced by me. I'm planning on lots of outings on our bikes this summer, and he needs to be ready. He's been much more interested in his scooter, rollerblades, playground equipment, puddles...anything but the bike.

And in case you're wondering the boys wear their boots everywhere. It's a laziness thing - boots are faster than sneakers. And, you never know when you might encounter a puddle.


Elisabelle said...

i feel exactly the same: thank you!
always felt guilty but for me parks are really boring!
love the boots:)

Jessica said...

That park is absolutely beautiful!!! Of course, boots are perfect to wear *everywhere*!

Barbara said...

I'm laughing because my oldest daughter refused to give up her training wheels. Her younger brothers had been riding bikes for ages.
Finally, when we were on Mackinac Island one summer (you HAVE to know how to ride a bike there, it's horses or cars), my dad took her in hand and taught her.
What's really funny is she turned out to be a very adventurous woman. So what was stopping her with the bike we never figured out.

Cate said...

my daughter just took her training wheels off- at her frantic, excited, begging request, not ours! so funny what they pick to try out and what they reject.

as for the park, that's so funny. what is it about them that bores? could you bring a book and just chill while they run around? maybe it's time to take up knitting?

happy weekend, lecia! xoxo

Kwana said...

You make me miss the park days.

Ina in Alaska said...

So sweet and you answered my question about the boots. Puddles and ease!! Glad Cal is getting on board with the bicycling. It will make your bike outings so much better. Have a lovely weekend, Lecia. Hubby and I enjoyed your views of Seattle, one of our favorite places on Earth!! xoxoxo

Becky said...

Great pics, and congrats to Cal!

I love that--you gotta be ready for a puddle.

Deidra said...

Beautiful photos! Have a lovely weekend with your people!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I love the boots in every photos! And so far, I love parks. It is the one place I feel just fine with a choice of playing with the kids, going down the slide, giving a monkey bar how to OR just sitting, soaking in a moment to breathe, and just watching.

KPiep said...

I hate the park. It triggers lots of Mom anxiety. However, we have so many nice ones that it would be silly if we put in a swingset in our yard.

I'm getting ready to force G to ditch her training wheels. She's becoming too dependent and too fearful, and they should have come off a year ago.