Monday, May 24, 2010

the weekend

It was a great weekend.

Among other things, we had our very first sleepover. I assumed the kids would sleep in after being up so late; as a friend pointed out this was a rookie miscalculation. I believe the whole neighborhood may have woken up with us at 6:30am Saturday when the kids inadvertently set off the security alarm by opening the garage door to play street hockey. So we were all quite tired.

Still, we ate pancakes and bought lego with allowance money. We gardened and played baseball and spent time at the park for the first time in 2010. We went to church. Baked and built and watched movies.

The weekend may be over but I know I'll carry the sense of togetherness with me as we go our separate ways this week.


kks said...

sounds like a beautiful that the kids set off the alarm...too funny...quite a rude, early awakening i'm sure!
beautiful images!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

sounds like a beautiful family weekend, the best way to start a new week :)

Frau said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend...sleepovers are never my favorite even to this day ...little sleeping goes on. Have a great week.

Francesca said...

SLEEPovers are always pretty tiring affairs, and they never seem to involve any actual sleep!

Kwana said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend!

Deidra said...

It is a brave parent who agrees to host a sleepover! How well I remember the shock of my child's very first.

Your boys are really growing up!

Yiota said...

Your weekend was great and I love your words at the end.
It's a bank holiday here today and I've just come back home from our village; I'll have a shower, make some tea and rest before my boys return (two cars, I left earlier)
Enjoy the rest of your week!

KPiep said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Becky said...

Total rookie mistake! They always get up early, I don't know how or why. For Laura's last sleepover, I made sure they knew where to find the bagels and fruit and told them NOT to wake me.

Sounds like a beautiful weekend.