Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Oh, June.

We're so ready for summer and school's end it's palpable, yet holding on to this fleeting moment in time as best we can.

I'm swooning over the sneak peek of Nikole Herriott's home. She has an incredible sense of style, and her home has lots of nice details and pieces from her family.

Happy Tuesday! xo


Barbara said...

Thanks, Lecia, for sending me over to Design Sponge. Loved the post and there is a link to Nikole's food blog which is done in the same minimilist manner. Really lovely.

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Just catching up. Lovely images the past couple of days. Off to link through for the home tour. I posted one today because we are getting organized around here. I love love love home tours.

Jessica said...

These June evenings are my favorite by far. I can only describe them as sweet--and I think that is the perfect word.

Vanessa said...

Dear Lecia,

I really love this blog and one of my favourite moments of the days is waking up and seeing a new post. The photos are always amazing, I love the slice of life you show us and the poetry of the things around us. The shots sum up everything that's great about summer, especially the ones where evening is falling.