Thursday, June 10, 2010

try something new

(Alexi's photos from the weekend.)

Alexi and Abbott are part of a Y Guides group; last weekend they went on their semiannual camping trip. These weekends seem to be so good for Abbott, for stepping out of his comfort zone. Sleeping somewhere other than his bed, walking outside in the dark, new sports and skills and activities, new foods. Hearing about and reflecting on Abbott's weekend has me thinking about the value of change in my own life. In what ways can I challenge myself to try new things?


Johanna said...

so what is it that you eat for lunch everyday???

Barbara said...

Alexi is an excellent photographer! How lovely for you.

Exposure to new things is something we all want for our kids. A little taste of everything to see what might develop.

It worked with mine; as adults, they are open to new things, love challenges and take reasonable risks. In their spare time, two are divers, one a climber. And my daughter, the most adventurous of the three, pulls me out of my comfort zone all the time via travel.

Francesca said...

Alexi took some wonderful photos! Routines choke my spirit (mostly), I thrive with change (mostly).
PS that's a meaningful sentence (mostly):)

Ina in Alaska said...

The last photo of the sunset is just spectacular. The sky is just amazing in this part of the world. I never ever get sick of the vivid colors.

I loved archery as a child.

thanks for the thoughts on "change". Since the weather is wonderful, the dogs are getting very quality walks. The sniffing has been fun, they would say.

I have begun to READ a chapter in a book now instead of heading for my laptop. I have begun to read a memoir, Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen. Very very good read, and funny. I needed to get back to reading. Since I started blogging and reading blogs, reading books went by the wayside. I forgot how much I love to read. xoxoxo

Char said...

love the shots - they are the essence of summer. as i viewed them i was reminded my summer camps, especially archery that i loved.

that last shot is stunning

Purple Flowers said...

Like you, Alexi is an excellent photographer! You captured a provoking thought. What do I do that out of my box on a daily or weekly basis? I am going to think about that one, and take action.

Sammi said...

o0o how awesome that looks

Kids get to try some awesome things these days. Lots of opportunities are good for themx

Vanessa said...

I'm so amazed by these shots - the taste of adventure, those long summer evenngs you never want to end and that sunset. What can I say? I'm definitely the kind of person who gets into a rut so maybe I could work a little variety into my routine as well.

Jessica said...

I do love making those small changes in my life that stretch my comfort zone just a little bit. P.s. that sunset just took my breath away!

KPiep said...

That camp looks like any child's idea of heaven!

I have issues with my own ruts....largely because I do have more than a touch of OCD. I can remember one horrible morning in KINDERGARTEN when I didn't manage to get my own mat for rest time...and cried through the entire period. I've been like that every since, and as an adult I just let myself honor that bit of crazy and try not to worry about it.

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Thank you thank you for this reminder, Lecia.