Friday, July 23, 2010


Eight of the twelve or so weeks of summer, my boys are enrolled in swim lessons at our neighborhood pool. The swimming is great exercise for them, and it gets us dressed and out of the house reasonably early in the day. Every single lesson Cal spends much of the time grinning at and waving to me. I worry I'm a terrible distraction, but what am I to do?

This week we've had paradoxical days of chilly, foggy mornings followed by warmish to hot afternoons. The light and the temperature at times have felt and looked more like fall than summer. Alexi noticed that he needed headlights for his drive to work yesterday, for the first time in a long time.

We've been eating berries, berries, berries. Sometimes with yogurt or cheese, often alone. And lots and lots of salad. At our picnic Wednesday our friends brought this salad; last night I made a quinoa, corn and edamame salad with cilantro and a lime-based dressing that we all loved (if only I could grow limes!). We've had three ripe sungold tomatoes and are eagerly anticipating full blown tomato season.

In response to your inquiries, our camping trip was to Fort Ebey on Whidbey Island. The waterfall pictures yesterday were taken at Snoqualmie Falls.

Happy Friday to you!


Formerly known as Frau said...

the salad sounds delish...summer is going fast...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Ina in Alaska said...

I agree with Alexi. To me it appears the air is a bit cooler than usual in Anchorage this summer as well. The fireweed is blooming steadily. As you remember, that is not a good sign, because when the top of the fireweed blooms, winter is only weeks away... EEK.... we have not had the greatest weather, most people are complaining, it has been rainy..

I love quinoa salads and am going to make that recipe this weekend. Light and refreshing. Thanks for sharing with us. xoxo

rebecca said...

yummy salad!

Char said...

i have been through the area with snoqualamie once and loved it. wish i could go back.

Anonymous said...

Hey mommy, it's Abbott! I just wanted to tell you the rainbow picture is awesome. -Abbott

Purring kitty says I like your blog. - Cal

KPiep said...

As I currently have a quinoa obsession, I'm going to have to try that salad!

My husband is in charge of swim lessons at our house, and the girls just finished theirs up last week. THeir poor father was distraught because this was the first year he wasn't able to join them in the pool.

likeschocolate said...

I was sad that the had closed the trail at Snoqualmie Falls. I guess it means an excuse for another visit to Seattle. My husband and I met at Fort Ebey. Sorry it has been so chilly.

Francesca said...

I was going to comment on how moms are never a distraction when I saw the above comment by anonymous(es) - how sweet is that?

molly said...

Oh, those daisies... tripped over here, thanks to Habit. Hello to a fellow (former) red-headed Seattleite. Have enjoyed your pics... and am looking forward to poking around!

Anonymous said...

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