Monday, July 26, 2010

web of life

Unfortunately Alexi had to work this past weekend. The boys and I attended parties Saturday and Sunday and I had conversations with many people whom I didn't already know. I found myself dwelling on the ways connections are made, random and not so random. Saturday, I encountered someone who is connected to my friend the host because his late wife was a patient of that friend. Sunday, someone I talked with knew the host because they had once had a mutual friend. They've both lost contact with the other person, but remained friends with each other. I became friends with the host of Sunday's party via Flickr; the internet makes the world a smaller place.

What a web of life we weave all around us.


Sammi said...

the internet makes the world so small. i would not have kept in touch with so many people if i hadn't had a facebook or blog!

Natasha said...

lovely post (found you through flickr too:D )
isn't it funny how we can meet good friends through the internet!

KPiep said...

I love striking up conversations with strangers. The knitting is a good invitation for many people to speak to you...and you never know who you are going to find!

Kwana said...

It sure does.

Francesca said...

Yes, the internet makes the world a smaller place, and yet I still feel pretty isolated. Ironically, traveling to Portugal and actually meeting two bloggers made for me this whole virtual connection concept more real.

Anonymous said...

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