Friday, September 17, 2010

a bit of personal random


am finding the sound of rain grating right now, but I don't always find it so.

am thinking about breaking down and reading Twilight.

love room service.

am my own worst enemy.

have never smoked a cigarette.

was on my high school's yearbook staff (bet that doesn't surprise you).

get regular compliments about my posture.

used to play the viola and the guitar, and kind of wish I still did.

got my first cell phone as a 'family package' with Alexi right before we got married ten years ago, so we could talk to each other more often.

hate playing sports without a net separating me from my opponent.

wouldn't dream of going to bed without all the dishes being done, the house generally picked up, the messages on the answering machine listened to, and the mail sorted appropriately.

Hope to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in person with my sister (and our families) someday.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Like your randomness....I'm with you can't sleep knowing a mess will be greeting me in the morning! Have a wonderful weekend.

pve design said...

our random lists collide on so many levels.
room service
yearbook staff
play an instrument (take lessons!)
cell phone was also a family deal!
all dishes and things much be pick up (my inner shaker)
Thanksgiving Parade in person!!! (and I live so close!)
nets are a must

wish I never even smoked one cigarette but i did as a social thing and now it revolts me
must break down and read is on my shelf

Come to NY!!!

islandfairy said...

we have a lot in common (and getting the family package so you could talk more? adorable!).as for twilight, i gave in a month ago and don't regret it. a warning, though. if you're anal about spelling (like i am) prepare your red pen.

jenny said...

This is awesome! I was never on the yearbook staff but I took photography and journalism a few times and was very geeky about it. I've also never played a sport with nets... I've always been a solo sport kind of girl (swimming, etc). But everything else! Yes! And we have a birthday coming up together! How are you going to celebrate?

KPiep said...

What a fun list!

You could absolutely still play music...and you definitly should!

I aspire to be more like you in terms of housekeeping. You are my hero.

As for Twilight...I read those books and enjoyed them for the complete froth they are. Sometimes a girl just needs a bit of cheap, escapist fiction! (And really, anything that gets so many kids reading has to have some sort of redeaming qualities...)

Johanna said...

oh how I love random posts...they are often the best ones. I'm with you on doing the dishes before bed...I always try to do that, if nothing else
happy friday! xox

Char said...

i didn't enjoy the first twilight book so i've never been tempted to read the rest. i'm not sure i like the messages about young women that it sends....

i wish i could be as you are on the last...

Francesca said...

I always like these lists, and the random details people share. Happy weekend!
PS My 11 year old loved twilight last year, and I *had to* read it all first, to make sure it was suitable - no typos in the italian translation:)

Reeve said...

Oh dear. PLEASE don't join the twilight crowd!
I agree with Char- the messages in that book are...interesting. I had a fit of love with those books when they came out and became somewhat obsessed with them- even saw the first movie- but then one day I woke up and realized I had just spend countless hours reading and watching about vampires.
Um. No thank you.

Valerie said...

you :
are beautiful inside out !

i can never go to bed before having a certain number of things done/tidy, either. but i read twilight at the age of 40 & it didn't hurt !

Audrey said...

I want to be the sort of person who can't go to bed without the dishes being done, voicemails listened to, and mail sorted. Thanks for giving me a reason to push myself.
Love your beautiful blog.