Thursday, September 9, 2010

the first day of school

I clearly had a case of back to school nerves; I woke up repeatedly the night before school started and was exhausted all day yesterday. Cal looked exhausted, but seemed excited and enthusiastic, if a little reserved. (Lots of pictures here of Cal's classroom as he had a two hour open house; we were only able to spend a few minutes with Abbott.) We all couldn't be happier that Cal has the same kindergarten teacher Abbott had - she's a model teacher in every way, and we have a great rapport with her. Cal hugged her when he walked into the classroom.

Abbott had little to say about school except that it was 'awesome'. He seemed happy and relaxed after school.

It was our first cold and rainy first day of school (bleh), but by afternoon the sun was out and it was a beautiful afternoon.

Happy Thursday!


Purple Flowers said...

Your sons are just great! I really enjoy reading this journal about their days.

Francesca said...

I like the boy and his tigger! Hope the second night goes better for you, your boys are in good (teachers') hands while in school, and they seem to have adjusted well to the transition away from summer!

pve design said...

That school was made for them! It looks like you.
Enjoy the firsts this year!!!

Vanessa said...

So great you could sit in on a bit of the day. I remember the nerves but also the freshness of the new term with autumn just around the corner and sharpened pencils. Thanks for sharing - you made me nostalgic.

KPiep said...

We've been debating whether or not to request Gillian's kindergarten teacher for Tanith next year. I'm convinced she was the most perfect teacher in the world...but I don't want to put Toots in a situation where the teacher might have preconceived notions based on her relationship with big sis. They are just soooo different, and it's hard to know what to do!

molly said...

How on earth could I have forgotten Chicken Soup with Rice? Gah! (Thx for the reminder!) ((And a MOST happy Kindergarten beginning. Amazing, every time, isn't it?)

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Such a perfect selection to capture the first days of school! And that last photo...priceless, although it was the Tigger that caught my eye. My Finnian's lovey is that exact same Tigger. He has now chewed the ear off of 2 of them. ;)
Just catching up. Your photos are so lovely and peaceful as always.

Rosa Rood said...

Beautiful photos!
I like to have a look again!
Have a nice beginning of the Kindergarten!
Greetings from Amsterdam