Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was looking through a box of old pictures yesterday and came across one, taken in the fall, of the small grove of birch trees that grew in front of my childhood home. I really love birch trees, particularly in autumn. I wish my current home had at least one of them. Anyway, autumn, it's officially here folks. The fall equinox, according to wikipedia, is the moment in time when the sun can be observed to be vertically overhead. In 2010, this moment occurred at 03:09 on September 23 (UTC), and at 8:09pm September 22 where I live (PST).

Alexi had the day off yesterday after six straight days of work, so it was really great to have a chance to reconnect while the kids were at school. We had the best lunch out in recent memory, at Nettletown.

Did you happen to hear this story on NPR about the importance of touch?

Really love this photo (via Nikole).

I made plum crumble the other night, and am sure I'll make it again and again.

Happy Thursday to you! xo


Tami said...

i would trade you a few birch trees...we have MANY in our yard here in New Hampshire for some sea glass any day.

Valerie said...

* un bel automne to your & yours Lecia *
it is a rainy dark day today (while yesterday was sunny & warm) a real Fall day !

Cathy said...

Birches are my absolute favorite as well. The autumn incarnation of their leaves remind me of gold coins jangling in the breeze - it's almost as if I can hear them if I listen closely.

Paige said...

Fall is here, too, along with lots and lots of rain in the forecast for the next day or two. (So glad I finally broke down and purchased a pair of rainboots!!) Happy day to you, too.

Francesca said...

Hmm I just got "error 503", I wrote something about the beautiful and majestic birch tree in our street, tall, slim and snow white, that will have to be cut down soon because it's diseased.

Vanessa said...

Today is like an Indian summer at last after all these weeks of rain but sadly it won't last. The leaves are just starting to turn golden and I'm thinking about this plum crumble now for the weekend. I have chestnut trees outside my window and love see the children stop each day to look for conkers.

P.S The photo with the outstretched hand is exquisite.

KPiep said...

My entire family heaved a huge sigh of relief this morning at the official beginning of fall. After a horrendously hot and muggy summer, we are all looking forward to our typically gorgous fall weather!

Char said...

what beautiful photographs. and i love pictures of birch trees, we don't have them in the deep south.