Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend. Alexi took the week off and school doesn't start until tomorrow, so we have one more day of 'summer'.

Yesterday morning Alexi played a game with the boys and let me relax and enjoy my coffee. (I am never very happy about waking up.) They played a great game called 'The Adventures of Harley', a cooperative strategy game. It requires teamwork and team thinking and following rules. Pretty great, right?

(Incidentally, I took the first photo while riding my bike! - kind of proud of that.)

Happy Tuesday to you. xo


Purple Flowers said...

The game that Alexi played w/the boys sounds great. You have a very united family. So great!

Kwana said...

Enjoy your last day off. School starts today for us.

Francesca said...

wow, you're an action and multitasking woman:)

Jessica said...

Enjoy this last day...photography while riding a bike is a feat (I just posted one that I took while driving)

KPiep said...

My husband is in charge of games at our house...but mostly because I don't like them! (Weird quirk of mine.)