Tuesday, September 28, 2010


While making breakfast I listened to the sound of foghorns alongside Alexi and Cal's conversation over a game of chess. Abbott sat nearby, reading. A little while later, as I passed out bowls of oatmeal, Abbott leaned his face over his and inhaled the scent.

The fog disappeared and it was around 80 degrees in the afternoon. I love that about September. I'm really going to miss having sandal tan lines and walking barefoot on the beach.

I bought tickets for Alexi and I to take a short vacation alone next month - we've never gotten on a plane without the boys, and I'm a bit nervous about it and excited at the same time. We'll be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary.

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Best wishes for your Tuesday!


likeschocolate said...

How exciting! It is always fun to get away for a few days. I hope you have a blast!

Francesca said...

That's the perfect way to celebrate your wedding anniversary! And I'm sure the boys will have their share of special fun while you're away.

KPiep said...

Sounds like my idea of a perfect morning!

I hope you enjoy your trip away. 10th anniversary's are important enough to deserve such trips!

Briana said...

Being in Seattle, it's great that we can have sandal tan lines. Sounds like a loverly morning and how fun to have a trip to look forward. I was really nervous about leaving our 4 kids to go half way round the world for our
13th anniversary. But I was so busy swimming and snorkeling and sleeping uninterruptedly that I was able to keep it from interefering with our trip. It was jut the worrying beforehand that was bad. Hope you have a great time. Go barefoot and you can get rid of your tan lines!

Kelly Johnston said...

I can relate to being nervous about your upcoming trip - my husband and I just returned from a trip away without our kids and it was so worth all the work to make it happen. I highly recommend it!

Becky said...

Ooh ooh! So exciting about the vacay! And I tell you, just getting on the plane with your husband and no kids will FEEL like a vacation, no matter where you're going!

Jackie said...

I just came across your blog, and it's lovely! Your photography's great. :)