Monday, October 11, 2010


Good morning.

Everyone's back home. The house is still quiet; soon, I'll be making breakfast and preparing to get out in the world again. Today I'll be at school three separate times to help with various things. Then there will be homework and an early dinner and soccer practice. It's too dark yet for me to tell what kind of weather we're having, and there's a kind of comfort in that - the day feels full of possibilities.

More tomorrow.

xoxo Lecia


Yiota said...

Have a good day, Lecia!

likeschocolate said...

Have a fantastic day! The flan looks yummy!

Purple Flowers said...

The flan looks great. It also appears that Abbott is getting taller. Could that be?

You have a lovely view of the water from your home. Enjoy!

Francesca said...

What a nice way to start the day, I'm off to bed soon, and tomorrow I want to think that my day is full of possibilities.

KPiep said...

It is indeed a great Monday!

Love the leaves in your hand....we've been watching the trees start to turn here with great happiness!

Valerie said...

enjoy your day !
that is one great thing about mornings : the potential !

was Abbott the cook for the flan ?!

jenna@sweetfineday said...

Lecia, I will always dream about the view from your bedroom windows!

Char said...

what beauty!!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

What a reminder of this fun breakfast treat! My kids will love it!