Sunday, October 10, 2010


Happy Sunday.

Alexi and Cal are at Camp Orkila this weekend (yes it's been a busy month for Alexi - he went with Abbott last weekend). One of the wonders of the modern age is that he's been emailing us videos of what they've been doing - things like making pottery and playing on the world's biggest swing (make sure your sound is on for this video!).

I've started to notice Halloween decorations popping up around the neighborhood; we don't have anything up yet (do you?). I'm planning to spend some time today perusing these decorating ideas from (who else?) Martha Stewart, and all of her Halloween Central ideas.

I hope your day is nice.



Erin said...

My boys made paper pumpkins a few days ago and insisted we put them in the windows. Those, and a few pumpkins on the front steps, are all we've got for decoration so far. We'll really jump into the festivities once Thanksgiving is over tomorrow, I think!

I love your photos, Lecia. They capture the Pacific Northwest so perfectly!

Ina in Alaska said...

Yup. Seeing lots of Halloween decorations too on the dog walks. Such a fun holiday! One lady on our route goes completely crazy for Halloween, every inch of her yard, trees, driveway, house is covered with tombstones, witches, monsters, spiders, etc.... have a Happy Sunday too! xoxox

KPiep said...

I only wish that my house was Martha Stewartesque in all of it's Halloween glory. Instead, it's a complete mish mash of whatever floats my husband's boat...which is varied, slightly tacky and all-encompasing. The decorations go up on October 1st w/o fail, and I have to endure for the month.

likeschocolate said...

we decked the house last weekend with a visit to the pumpkin. Added additions this year are a rat with small mice and crows for the chandelier. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Kwana said...

Happy Sunday. I'm starting to see Halloween decorations too. I need to get on that.

Vanessa said...

Yep, Halloween decorations are around here too, although this year I'll be in Venice so am wondering how they'll celebrate. Hope it's something special in any case. It looks that you had a wonderful Sunday.

Valerie said...

we hardly have any Halloween decoration in Brittany... yet Halloween came from Ireland, our Celtic brothers !
And i find this is such a sad time of the year, usually wet & dark, I'd love to see some colorful touches here & there... I really miss that.

I need to change my (very OLD) mobile, any recommendation ?!