Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The wind has been scaring the wits out of me the past couple of days. The wind and our family, we have history.

After school today, Abbott noticed our online calendar open on the computer. It seemed to be a major revelation for him - people keep daily calendars with events and tasks! We have a monthly and a weekly calendar on our family board and we discuss our daily schedule every morning, but I suppose he'd never thought about the adult world of scheduling and planning.

Alexi and I are going away for a few days at the end of this week to celebrate our tenth anniversary (!!). I'm looking for a couple of good vacation reads - I'd love to hear your suggestions.

I've had a couple of home runs in the kitchen the past couple of days - a soup that Alexi described as the best he'd ever eaten, and a batch of cheddar apple scones.

In other news, Cal wants a puppy for Christmas. We haven't decided what to do about that one, but if you have any suggestions about small to medium sized dogs that are great with kids, please let me know!

Happy Tuesday to you.



likeschocolate said...

A lab is most likely larger than you wanted, but if you get a female they are smaller. They are such great family bets. Very obedient, loyal, and don't bark a lot. On the small side, the lapsoapso breed is really great. They also don't bark as much as some of the terrier breeds who can be somewhat hyper and bark at every little squirel they see. I just read Pope Joan and Little Bee both excellent.

The Calico Cat said...

Stick with the cat...

My dad has daschunds for what it is worth. & My GF has Havanese.

I'll stick with my cats.

Anonymous said...

You might think about getting a rescue dog. They have almost every breed if you want a pure bred, even have puppies most of the time. We have had 2 rescue dogs, a lab and a "lazy" border collie. He really is lazy, very unusual. Both very loving and good with kids. I can't wait to try out the cheddar apple scone receipe! Thanks for sharing!!

Deidra said...

Last year a tree fell on our house - twice! And once on our car, just after our daughter had exited it. Our family has a history with wind, too. Last night the wind blew hard and I woke up at 4:30 to hear it bending trees and whistling loudly. Sends me right to praying, that's for sure!

Have you read Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner, or God In The Yard by L.L. Barkat? Or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

briana said...

I just got back from a quickly planned trip. I just grabbed a couple books from the shelf, one of which was Jack London's 'The Seawolf'. Somehow I'd never read it. I absolutely loved it and finished it in two days. I sent it with my husband on his next trip and he is enjoying it too.

susie said...

Lecia, we have recently adopted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and we love her. The breed is known for it's sweetness and compatibility with children. They also really get along well with cats. They get to be anywhere from 18 - 24 pounds and are considered a toy breed, though they are on the large end of the toys.

Books - I am reading Jonathan Franzen's new book, Freedom. I love it.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. xoxo

jenny said...

Hi Lecia! We used to have an Australian Shepherd and she was the BEST family dog. We have a German Shepherd mix now who is great, too. I have had much success with the herding dogs we've had... they love the kids. And a happy anniversary to you! Ours is also this week (the 28th) and we haven't even talked about a celebration yet... We at least need a night out! Have a great trip.

Tirzah said...

If you haven't read "A Year in Provence," it's a must. Light and entertaining and cozy- the perfect vacation book. I love all the descriptions of food. Enjoy your vacation and happy anniversary!

Vanessa said...

Mmm... Bake me some scones, please?

E. MacDuff said...

Wheaton Terriers. Hands down - best 'family' dog and great temperaments.

Jessica said...

I have to second a Year in Provence! It is terrific. Happiest of anniversaries!

Kelly Johnston said...

those scones look amazing!
books: I recently read The Ten-Year Nap, South of Broad, Little Bee, Let The Great World Spin and Olive Kitteridge - all good. Have you ever read Evening by Susan Minot? I read it a few years ago, but really enjoyed it.

Sammi said...

Wow, tenth anniversary congratulations guys!

My dog is the perfect dog in the world. However he's a Canarian mixed breed, and not sure you can get those over there.

KPiep said...

Enjoy your trip! You've seen my reading lists, and I would recommend most anything that I've put on them.

As to dogs. Dad was a vet, and I LOVE dogs. (He used to say I was half dog myself because I get along so well with them.)

What you probably need to do first is to sit down and make a list of traits that are important for a dog to fit into your family. Each breed has it's own personality quirks, and you need to have some ideas beyond just size. (I'm a lab, Westie, pug person...but not a Boxer, Papillon (toys in general), Chow fan.)

Also, if you have friends who are vets and/or in the pet biz...talk to them! They see all sorts of things and can help steer you.

Muts from the pound are always a valid option, but since you have children I would urge you to chose a puppy if you go that route. Why? Older dogs have issues, and they take a lot of work. I adore my pound dog, but we went through about two years of serious work to get her over the abuse she suffered as a pup...and I know I'm not alone in that story.

If you do want a breed, check with a vet to find a USDA breeder.

Can you tell I LOVE dogs!