Thursday, November 25, 2010

how it went

On the way to hockey games, more often than not, Cal’s dialogue runs something along the lines of: “I hate hockey. Why do I have to go? I don’t want to play. I’m not going. I’m staying in the car.” We get to the rink and he worries about getting his gear on, first! - before his teammates are ready, but once he’s on the ice he’s fine. He looks happy, plays well, and comes off the ice smiling. I realized last night, just like Cal gets pre-game jitters, I get something like pre-Thanksgiving jitters. There is just so much to do, and I worry about it all turning out and being delicious and everyone having a good time. I find myself thinking, ‘Why do I go to all this trouble for a meal? Why? Why can’t I just show up somewhere with a pie?’

I cooked for several hours straight after I woke up this morning, in my pyjamas, and got enough done that we were able to take a long walk. We tromped through the last of the snow. Snowballs flew, fast and furious.

As Alexi and I worked together in the kitchen, first cooking and later cleaning up, we chatted intermittently about Thanksgivings past. This day keeps us connected with the past, the future.

As always, I had the boys make place cards. This year I also had them write out a blessing or poem or reflection to read at the table.


Cal: “I’m thankful for my stuffies. I like turkey. I like pie. I’m thankful for God. I’m thankful for snow. I’m thankful for the earth. I’m thankful for dogs and cats. I am thankful for shrimp. They can never talk. Amen. Love, Cal”

Abbott: “Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness. Thanksgiving is a time for laughter. Why some do not celebrate it: they are too busy...”

We spent the day with Alexi's mother, here visiting for the holiday, and a cousin of Alexi's and a friend of his who live here. And as the boys played an impromptu after dinner piano concert of Christmas carols after a perfect meal and, really, a perfect day I thought to myself, this is why I go to all this trouble. I love this. Sing choirs of angels, sing in exhaltation! Sleep in heavenly peace. Wherever you are. xoxo


Yiota said...

I love this! Such beautiful words! Thanksgiving is one celebration that I'd like us to have here, too.

Barbara said...

There is only one reason we spend weeks planning and decorating and hours cooking a meal that is over in 20
I've been doing it more years than I care to share. But it's always worth it when I see the faces at the table.
So pleased you had a lovely day with your family, Lecia.

Purple Flowers said...

Lecia: you just wrote beautiful words connected to your feelings.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Jess said...

Your boys are delightful.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family, Lecia.

jo said...

"Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

Char said...

i agree - it is why i go through the trouble and expense. even when i sighed a three year olds knocking over chairs and the whatnot, it was still perfection.

susie said...

Lecia, what you need to do is get yourself invited to someone else's Thanksgiving dinner. When I do it with my family or friends, even at my house, it's so fun to cook with other people, talk with other people, and clean up with other people. :) This year the 4 of us decided to keep it nuclear...and it was so much more work for me.

Come over to my house next year!

tara said...

the last couple of sentences there, so right. (and your hair is getting long!)
i wish you the happiest of holidays, lecia!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thank you so much, friends. And Susie - I may just take you up on that generous offer - thank you! xo

KPiep said...

Sounds - and looks - lovely. A very happy (if somewhat belated) Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Francesca said...

These celebrations are a little hard on the host, and yet not everyone is capable of being a good host - being a good host is a true gift. Sounds lie you have it, and hope that your pre=thanksgiving jitters will disappear by next year.