Wednesday, November 3, 2010

green eggs and ham

Green eggs and ham. After much internal debating I chose this dish, over all the other treats available, at a recent breakfast at the Huckleberry Bakery and Cafe. Made with pesto, proscuitto and arugula, this version of eggs benedict is something I plan to replicate at home.

I'm totally intrigued by the 20/20 Home Cure - 20 minutes for 20 days project. I haven't watched any of the videos, but I'm planning to set aside some time to look through the site over the next couple of days. I love the idea of all of the posts so far I've read the title to, such as today's, about decluttering books or media. It seems comical to me that this could be accomplished in 20 minutes, but maybe other people keep up better than I do.

Today was so beautiful here words can't begin to describe it. Sun - warm autumnal sun, the last of the leaves swirling around, Mt. Rainier starting to look snowy. Almost like a dream.

I hope your week is going well.



vanessamorrow said...

It was a gorgeous day today! I am excited about your green eggs and ham dish... would you share a recipe when you sort it out? Love photos, Lecia. As always ... :)

Vanessa said...

It's so nice to see these images when it's dark and wet outside. The bakery looks so amazing and your meal too. I often think late fall is the loveliest time of yoear and it's such a pleasure to go for a walk.

Vanessa said...

You've got a real knack for making me hungry! This looks like such a calm, easy-going breakfast.

Kwana said...

Beautiful pics. Yum. Loved clicking over at 20/20 some of the videos were great. Thanks.

A Day That is Dessert said...

thank you friends! xo

Francesca said...

I would have gone for the savory breakfast too!

KPiep said...

Ooohhh.....forbidden delights!

Actually, I would be happy if my doc. would just let me have coffee right now.

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Tapping Therapy said...

It's a very nice feeling going for a stroll in the market with the perfect weather. It will totally inspire someone to create breakfast for his/her family. This is a great dish to start the day right and enjoy the weather.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I'm intrigued by this 20/20 idea too.