Sunday, November 7, 2010

part of the crowd

The morning after our wedding night was (the fall) daylight savings Sunday. How's that for a wedding gift? - one more hour to linger in bed. Yesterday's extra hour wasn't quite so luxurious, but was nonetheless appreciated, as we had a 7am hockey practice. I found myself feeling a bit despondent at the other end of the day when I noticed the sun low in the sky shortly after 3pm - that is going to take some getting used to. Even so, the afternoon was comfortable. I made a pear upside down cake (eh - too much ginger and sugar in the recipe) in between sporting events.

Yesterday was our neighborhood's World Cup, the last soccer event of the year. Every age group plays three short games, round robin style, within an hour. Teams are named by country - Abbott, part of team Argentina, is pictured above with his country's flag.

There is a kind of nakedness in people at these events. Some shout instructions from the stands, some cheer for their child or the whole team. There are those glued to their video cameras; others intermittently snap pictures. Clusters of people make occasional or regular small talk. I observed someone on the top row of the bleachers working a crossword puzzle the entire time. Many chase younger siblings and are unable to watch anything at all. I've been all these people at different times in my parenting life.


Francesca said...

The only sports event I've even watched live are the tennis matches where either of my boys played, and I was always way too overwhelmed by emotions to notice anything else - games in tennis matches are so short and intense!

KPiep said...

Loved your description of the vast cosmos of parenting in one wee afternoon!

And we had the same daylight savings gift for our wedding night. Pretty spiffy!

Vanessa said...

I was pretty lucky because I got my extra hour in Venice, even if I also felt sad to see the evening fall so soon. It's wonderful to read your descritions at these games and how you observe people. The cake sounds interesting, perhaps you could modify it and make it again?

Jessica said...

What a treat--daylight savings on your wedding night. I completely forgot about changing the clocks until last night at dinner time!!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Francesca: I can totally see how that would be true of tennis. So different from an hour of soccer!

Kristin: fall weddings are pretty great, aren't they, especially when you factor in daylight savings time the next day...

Thank you Vanessa...and yes, I've had thoughts of trying it again with a couple of modifications. I'll let you know how it goes!

Jessica: how luxurious to have a Sunday spent oblivious of time until dinnertime!

xoxo Lecia