Saturday, January 15, 2011

a long weekend

Thank you all for your nice comments, your suggestions, your commiseration about my January blues. I feel a little better already, just from having talked about it. Of course, it also helps that it's the weekend.

What are your plans for the next few days? I would love to see The King's Speech (Colin Firth!). Among other things, we'll be attending a couple of birthday parties. One of the families requested that if guests would like to bring a gift, to bring something for the Children's Hospital Wish List. (If you're looking to do some good, this would be a great place to start. Many of the need items are basic, like markers and Uno games.)

From my archives, in case you missed them:
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Have a wonderful long weekend. xoxo


Vanessa said...

I'm dying to see the King's Speech too but will have to wait till next month when it's released in Germany. I'm planning on catching a couple of films from the Vicente Minelli season here. Hope you have a great weekend!

Purple Flowers said...

The Children's wish list hospital is an excellent party request. I would think it encourages kids to give and makes them feel good about it. Of course, it also helps the ill child. A generous party host.

Have a happy weekend!

Char said...

when i'm blue, giving seems to be a good way to feel a bit better. it gives me a bit of purpose.

have fun, i think we're finally going to see black swan.

likeschocolate said...

What an excellant idea for the birthday! I just went and saw the Tourist and was surprised at home much I liked it.

AM said...

I feel your pain about January in Seattle. It wasn't so bad when we were working, although we disliked going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark. Anyway, we had to leave. It's not an option for you, but could you take a spring break where there is sun?

miriam said...

I thought that table looked familiar! We were just talking about the Phinney family the other day and thinking that we are overdue for a get together. With the boys on different teams, I miss those chilly, early morning ice rink chats.

KPiep said...

I have to say a big thank you for your Jan. Blues post. I had been having serious trouble getting back on my allergy diet until I read your post and had one of those, 'well, duh.' moments. I ALWAYS have a hard time in January! Now that I've admitted it, I've moved on and am back on my allergy diet. It's still hard...but at least I understand why it feels so tough right now!