Friday, March 18, 2011

with love

What are you up to this weekend? The boys are playing in a hockey tournament - the last of the season! - so we'll be in ice rinks most of the time. And, Alexi's mother is here for the next couple of days; we're excited to spend some time with her.

Thank you for visiting this week, for all your nice comments.

I hope your weekend is a nice one. xo


Ina in Alaska said...

Hi Lecia! Ron is in Salt Lake City visiting his kids and grandkids for the weekend and I am here relaxing in ANC with the pups. I plan to go look for some furniture for my deck, walk the dogs and enjoy the peace and quiet!! xoxo

PS so funny my word verification is HALLYS!!!

pve design said...

My husband and sons are at a ski race at Gore Mountain and I am here taking the daughter to dance as she prepares for the benefit dance April 2. I love all your sweet images of your boys and how you enjoy every minute of their love.
Nothing sweeter than that of love for God's creatures great and small.

Francesca said...

I really enjoyed your flickr favorites. You're right, there's so much inspiration there - but it does take time to dig it out. We're also busy with a tournament this weekend, I wish tennis tournaments had seasons too!

KPiep said...

Let's see...we went home Friday night so that we could help shear the last two ewes on Saturday. Dad also declawed our two new kitties for me. (Almost hate to admit that we do that anymore because so many people get so irate...but Dad's a vet, and's only been a day and a half and both are acting completely themselves again and aren't in any discomfort.) My husband is now out with the girls, I had a nap and am happily knitting now in front of the tv.

A very nice weekend!