Friday, May 6, 2011

regarding Mother's Day

(dinner last weekend at Delancey)

Do you watch Modern Family? This week's episode was, predictably, about Mother's Day -- did you see it? The mothers take the kids on a hike while their husbands prepare dinner, and there is whining, complaining, and general misery-making by the kids. I've lived that one before. So the moms decide to leave the kids behind to do some thinking about their behavior, and finish the hike alone in peace. Those of you who know me in person have probably heard me tell about the year we went to the Seattle Art Museum on Mother's Day to see an exhibit I'd been wanting to see. I didn't think an hour at a museum was too much to ask, but apparently it was; it ended up being a miserable trip. So last year, we went to a Mariners baseball game on Mother's Day. I decided that if the kids were likely to be happy, I was likely to have a good day and be happy, too. We're still working out what we'll do on Sunday, for Mother's Day this year; it will be somewhat determinant on the weather. What are your plans for the day?


Karin said...

Modern Family is so much fun indeed, I watch it sometimes too.

This mother's day we are nmot going to do much, I think. The children are still very little and they enjoy running after me the whole day with sweets and surprises. So I think I will be blissfully happy just playing games with them, maybe do some sewing and nothing more, just spend some time together.

Although.. it is going to be warm, so maybe we'll do a little picnic. That sounds like e great plan!

Have a lovely weekend!

Purple Flowers said...

BBQ, and if it rains, eat inside.

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

I don't know that show, but it is true...when mamma is happy everyone is happy. I mean...when everyone is happy, mamma is happy. :)
We are going to be exploring tide pools. We haven't been to the ocean enough lately given that we live right next to it.
Happy Mother's Day, Lecia!

Jess said...

Happy Mothers' Day, Lecia!
I'm in New Jersey visiting my sister, and that means I am far away from my kids today.

I completely agree about Modern Family. Was there ever a show so full of hilarious truth-telling?

KPiep said...

Normally our plans are simple - church and then lunch and perhaps a family walk on the MKT trail. This year, though, we're still adjusting to how to celebrate sans food, and so I'm not sure. I'm hoping to have some peace and quiet, though, because I can feel a fair amount of mommy burn-out building.

Joana Gomes said...

One of my favourite shows EVER. It's crazy and hilarious. Love it.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I hope you all enjoyed your day. xo