Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gord and Becca's


We made it home late last night, barely, after running through the airport in Toronto to catch our connecting flight with minutes to spare. Jet lag gets harder, it seems, the older I get. We've all been tired and emotional today. Nonetheless, the week away was like one long exhale. And it is so good to be home.

Over the course of our week in Nova Scotia, we spent time at a resort on the south shore, a cottage on a lake, and Alexi's father's home on a cliff overlooking the Bay of Fundy. I have barely looked through the hundreds of pictures I took; I'll make my way through them, and share some of them here, over the next week.

We began our trip visiting one of Alexi's childhood friends and his family; these pictures are of that day. I met Gord years ago when he was single. I've 'chatted' a bit via email with his wife, Rebecca, and loved having the chance to meet her in person. From the minute we got out of our rental car at their home, I found myself wishing we lived closer to them. Our children immediately scattered, together, instantly friends. It was an afternoon to remember, and I hope we can do it again before too much more time elapses.


Francesca said...

So lovely. I want to meet Gord and Rebecca too :)
Welcome back Lecia, glad you had a wonderful time.

Cannelle Et Vanille said...

lovely, lovely, lovely.

Sammi said...

Sounds- and looks- beautiful.

Welcome home Lecia x

Noreen Sullivan said...

Welcome home! It's so green there. When the children make new friends and leave the grown-ups alone to visit - it's so wonderful. Glad you had a great time.

KPiep said...

Do you think it is ridiculous for a grown woman to want a playhouse like that?

Sounds like a good trip. Can't wait to see more!