Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what we can glean

What a great stretch of days we had on San Juan Island.

After spending concentrated time with another family, I would say that others are a great barometer for what we are doing well, as parents, and what we could be doing better. I think most of us make it up as we go along, largely, based on knowing ourselves, our children, our partners and what we believe in and value. We watch others because we can't help it. And we want to get ideas. In a more dark corner of our hearts we all, sometimes, have ideas and expectations about what others should and could be doing better or differently, but mostly this comes from our own fears and anxieties about our shortcomings as parents. I learn things every day from those of you in it with me, and am full of gratitude for the part you play in my life in whatever way, big or small.


AM said...

Beautiful! For some reason I have not been to that island, time to go!

A Day That is Dessert said...

You should go! All of the San Juans are incredibly beautiful.

country girl said...

Such wise words, and so true. Our baby isn't even born yet, and already I contemplate my values, and, admittedly, compare them to those of others.
It's funny, because as I was looking at this photographs, I knew I wanted to write you and say "You are giving your children such amazing childhoods!"
You show them so much, share so much, and demonstrate the appreciation for all things great and small.
I commend you!
xoxo Dawn

thisfriendlyvillage said...

Nice thoughts on parenting that I also find to be true. So wonderful to be able to learn from each other...things that work and what we want to incorporate into our own family lives. Blogs are so valuable in this way!
Nice pictures, too! :) Margaret

Francesca said...

that kind of exchange and reflection is what makes it so valuable to be with others. your photos from this trip our breathtaking.

KPiep said...

What a magical place!

Nicola said...

Gorgeous. Looks almost East Coast, but I am not sure why!