Monday, September 19, 2011

the bird is on the wing

A few last images of late summer.

I had to change all six of the bulbs that illuminate the front of our house, and one above our dining room table; probably they’ve been out for months, and we're just now noticing. The light fades earlier by the day. I also emptied a few spent flowerpots.

We have an abundance of tomatoes and are eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


pve design said...

I always take great pleasure in your images and your words. You are abundantly talented and so blessed.
I feel your gratitude in such simple tasks.
Your tomatoes look lovely.

KPiep said...

We are enjoying the sweetness of this transition. Much as I feed on sunlight, I welcome the earlier evenings for the peacefulness they bring to our house.

gia said...

I did all the lightbulbs too the other wknd! It was kind of comical, I even had to put one in the fridge! Can't see anything in the darker months, in the summer mo's totally not an issue.

Nicola said...

Ditto to everything but the lightbulbs.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos as allways! Image quality is stunning also. What lens was used in that tomatoshot? 85mm?

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thank you, Patricia.

Kristin: I know how much you love this season!

Anonymous: thank you! Yes - 85L.

Francesca said...

I've put our fall garden in this week, but it's broiling in the still hot weather. Not complaining, though, I'd rather have fewer cabbages later on than having to bundle up earlier in the season!