Wednesday, September 14, 2011

fall uniform

Last weekend at Delancey, one of our favorite places for dinner.

In every one of my school pictures, aside from the year I wore my rainbow shirt (remember those?), I wore a striped shirt. If you look through pictures of my kids throughout their childhood, you'll see I'm doing my best to indoctrinate them in stripe love. With or without a scarf, and with or without a sweater or cardigan, striped tops and jeans are still my favorite everyday wear. I'm seeing jeans in bright colors everywhere these days; thinking I might add a pair to my fall uniform.


KPiep said...

It's fun to have a lifelong fashion sense of oneself!

Emma said...

I love stripes, I have about a million striped t-shirts. Such a timeless look.

I wear docs too, love them! I've been wearing them since high school and they saved my feet all through nursing school and beyond.

Nothing like the classics eh?!

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the photo feast and inspiration. I am amazed at people like you with, as an earlier commenter said, a "lifelong fashion sense of oneself." My younger sister is like than. I barely recall what I wore yesterday - oh, the same thing I have on today. Thanks for the link to the striped shirts - cool!

pve design said...

Seriously, if I lived near you - I would be at Delancey wearing a striped shirt and ballet flats....and jeans.

Francesca said...

I associate stripes with US clothing. Personally, I love floral prints - always have.

Nicola said...

Ditto...some serious stripe love here, too.