Wednesday, September 21, 2011

on my radar right now

at Brave Horse Tavern

I have three friends whose birthdays are in close proximity to mine. Today, I had lunch with one of those friends, to celebrate with her. I love that it's still warm enough to eat outside.

I'm really looking forward to the season premiere of Modern Family tonight!

A few good links:

What if the secret to success is failure?

The role of the artist in society.

London style.

Happy Wednesday! xo


thisfriendlyvillage said...

Have not heard of Brave Horse Tavern, but after a quick look plan to grab my husband and check it out. I also will watch Modern Family favorite show. The next three links, by their titles are ideas I pay a lot of attention to, and one of my sons is in London for the month of September. The perfect post for me to look forward to reading when I have a few minutes! Thanks!! Margaret

Sherri said...

Happy birthday! Always a pleasure to celebrate with you!

KPiep said...

Hurray for birthday friends!

Darcy said...

Wow that article on character in schools is really interesting. Lots to think about.

Francesca said...

My birthday is also in September, and some years it's fall, while others is still summer - it's the best month of the year: two seasons in one! :)
Happy birthday (I think the actual day is still to come, correct?)!