Wednesday, September 28, 2011


morning, evening.

I believe there are some people with whom we’re meant to cross paths. Yesterday, I found out that my oncologist of 13 years is retiring from clinical work to take an administrative position at the hospital. I felt like crying, and baking him a cake.

To say we’ve been through a lot together would just be too little. Alexi has been with me through childbirths; Henry has seen me just as exposed and vulnerable, for different reasons. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and consequently became his patient months after he finished his fellowship and started practicing. Because of his youth, I related to him like the older brother I always wished I had. We became, and have remained, fast friends for these many years.

I keep expecting the news of this change to make me feel insecure all over again; make me worry that something’s going to wrong and then what will I do, without him to take care of me, but I haven’t. I don’t relish the thought of building a relationship with a new doctor, but I am not worried. And that is a miracle unto itself.

By serendipity we live within walking distance of one another. He has coached my kids at little league. We will continue to watch our young families grow together, and be thankful for the privilege.


chelsea said...

beautifully said, lecia.

pve design said...

such eloquent.
words of wisdom.

KPiep said...

This post takes me back to when Tanith was just 4 months old and we got a letter stating that our obgyn/family practice doctor was retiring to care for her 5 children - the youngest of which had just been diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality at the age of 2. I remember thinking, well then...guess it's good we decided to only have two children, because I could never do it with another doc. (she was the only one in our state to do home birth, and at the time midwives were illegal). It has always made me sad that her family moved away and we lost touch. Fortunately the woman who assisted her is still in town and is a good friend.

Also good, that same day mom called to tell me that a woman who graduated from our high school two years before me was joining a big women's health practice here in town. I could never go through a pregnancy and childbirth with a standard practice like this, BUT,she has proven just as wonderful in other ways, and has taken excellent care ofme in some difficult times.

likeschocolate said...

Hope you are able
to find a new doctor that you feel comfortable with.

Christina said...

doctors like this, are always missed. they have a place at our family table, as well in our hearts. so glad he will remain, a part of your lives.

such a beautiful post, lecia.

Francesca said...

It's good that you were able to take the news with peace. I have the same relationship with the doctor who cared for me for ten years during pregnancy and pregnancy loss.