Friday, October 14, 2011

never a dull moment

Yesterday morning, as we were getting out of our car preparing to walk in to school, a grandmother and her two grandchildren passed us. ‘What are you good at, grandma?’ I made eye contact with her, and we both smiled. ‘I am good at all sorts of things – science, gardening, singing,…’ I strained to hear more of the conversation as they continued on out of earshot.

I’m finding myself thinking back to that encounter this morning. The boys and I will be spending the whole day together; it’s a conference preparation day for teachers at school. I love the way kids think, the questions they ask and the things they discuss. They never cease to surprise me.

I hear them starting to stir one floor below. ‘Cal, I can multiply millions.’ ‘How about billions?’ ‘I haven’t gotten to that yet.’ And my cue, 'mom's going to make pancakes.'

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Oakmoss said...

you're such a good mama.

erin said...

i too, love hearing those conversations with elders and am always smiling when i hear the genuine interest in a child's questions. sometimes that can be overlooked or not taken seriously.
my boys contitnue to teach me so much!

have a nice weekend :)

Purple Flowers said...

I love the stories about your children. Their outlook on their world is so refreshing. Enjoy your weekend!

Francesca said...

an extra holiday day! will you be making pancakes?:)

KPiep said...

What fun! Hope the pancakes were fabulous!

Noreen Sullivan said...

Lecia, your photography inspires me! Do you carry a camera with you?

As a teacher, I hear lots of interesting and funny and loving things from children. So wonderful.

Enjoy your weekend!

Cindy said...

I saw your photo at Habit of the flowers (Pikes Place?) and came to visit your blog.

I am so impressed with your photos!