Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 4

Thank you all for your loving words about my grandmother - they mean the world to me.

Sadness has a way of affecting everything, doesn't it? I haven't been eating or sleeping very well. My cats have been hovering around me, such that I am constantly, narrowly avoiding tripping as I move around the house. Pets have amazing radars that way.

I found out yesterday, after knowing him for thirteen years now, that Alexi doesn't like plums. I keep buying them, he keeps eating. It came out when he commented that he was surprised to like this cake I made. (Try it! You won't be sorry.)

Some recent happiness:

My cashier, to me, at the grocery store: 'Your cart is like a produce quiz.'
Nostalgia in the form of Air Supply Radio on Pandora
Vogue's September issue in today's mail (guilty pleasure).



leah of sang the bird said...

beautiful. your writing resonated with me. so, so lovely {and aching}. thank you

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

Yes sadness seems to be able to cover us, make us feel numb. But with the help of happy memories and time it will turn into sweet sadness. Until then, be good to yourself.

And that letter in your previous post... Oh my, you made me cry. Thank you so much for sharing. Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman. And I am sure she was very proud of you.

Francesca said...

sending warm thoughts and hugs Lecia.

Sammi said...

magazines are a beautiful guilty pleasure

KPiep said...

I still miss my old tynan cat because he was so closely in tune with me, and always knew what I needed. It's a comfort, for sure.