Sunday, October 30, 2011

the way it went

We usually make it to a pumpkin patch before Halloween; yesterday, we visited Craven Farm. I like this farm because it is incredibly picturesque, and it’s quite large, such that I’ve never felt crowded in the pumpkin patch or the corn maze, despite the crowds that come. Their corn maze is the best I’ve found in the region – 15 acres! This year, we went through it Hansel and Gretl style, leaving a trail of Kettle Corn.

I cooked all afternoon long for a dinner party we had this evening. I made little cheese crackers for an appetizer, lamb curry, and an apple cake. When our friends arrived, the kids ran around in their Halloween costumes. We ate, then played It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for the kids during dessert, giving us, the parents, a last little bit of quiet time to catch up on two months’ worth of life.

Abbott played Fur Elise again and again while I loaded the dishwasher. Then, he sat in with Cal while Alexi finished a Brady Brady book. And now, here we sit, Alexi and I, listening to the rain, remembering it all. No doubt the boys, right now, in their beds, are dreaming about Halloween, tomorrow. That magical day when the lines blur between fantasy and reality.

I wish you a very happy Halloween.


Anna Emilia said...

What a beautiful place you have visited. Such many pumpkins I never saw.

Last week I got a very small pumpkin from my parents. I enjoyed it on the balcony and finally made a small soup of it yesterday. It was delicious.

Hopefully your Halloween was a wonderful one. Here we don´t really celebrate it, but I happened to see one Spiderman at least.

Have a good new week.

Rose Fern said...

Happy family moments....!
Impressive photos, by the way!
Happy Halloween!

Sammi said...

Happy Halloween Lecia! I am celebrating by watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show and when that has finished I will watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and tonight we have Skittles and my team are all dressing up :D

robyn said...

Lecia - I stumbled onto your blog via Habit a week or so ago and have been coming back each day since. Your photos are wonderful and soothing. We live in Oregon and I'm always trying to photograph the often dreary and gray days of this season. They have such beauty in real life but I always struggle when it comes to capturing that beauty with a camera. You do it extremely well and I'll definitely keep coming back :)

likeschocolate said...

Happy Halloween! It looks like they had a great time.

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful day. I want to come to one of your dinner parties!

Francesca said...

nice adventuring all around.

KPiep said...

I love up pumpkin patches! The pumpkins a such a beautiful pop of color!