Sunday, November 6, 2011

from Sunday night

Daylight savings time today meant that, while our first hockey game of the morning began at the cringe-worthy hour of 8:10, it felt more like a leisurely 9:10. However. Alexi was on call all weekend, which means he sleeps with his pager at the bedside. I woke up multiple times last night to the sound of it, and kept thinking, wow, the ER must be hopping tonight. I generally roll over and fall back to sleep after he gets paged, as he goes to our office to return the call. Turns out, it was the pager’s low-battery chirp that alerted five times an hour, until he got up and changed the battery at approximately 3:16am. Abbott’s built in alarm woke him at what is now 5, what yesterday would have been his usual just-before-6 awakening, and he came to our bed to tell us all about it. Alexi left the house for the hospital around 6:45; the kids and I left at 7:00, in order to drive the twelve exits up the interstate to the rink and be on time. Our usual freeway entrance is closed for the weekend, so we tacked on an extra five minutes for the detour. Our standard, for Cal, is to allow 20 minutes to get gear on, and to be ready 15 minutes or so before the game starts, so the coach can have a chat with the team. Abbott has to be at the rink an hour in advance of his games.

So I’m tired. He’s tired. I lit a candle a little earlier than I usually do, late in the afternoon. I’ll wake up tomorrow and have a little more light as I make breakfast, and, I hope, a lot more energy.

I'm wishing all of us a good start to this new week.


Emily Vanessa said...

We changed our clocks one week earlier and it's certainly nice to have an extra hour in bed and get more light in the morning. I love reading about your routine, day after day of feeling part of your world.

emily said...

yikes, lecia! i hope you got a good night's sleep last night. (also, i was the tiniest bit disappointed in the amount of light this morning when i woke. i guess i thought the change was going to be drastic and it was subtle. sigh.)

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thanks, Vanessa.

Thank you Em! I had the same thought this morning - that hour seemed to have little to show for itself.

KPiep said...

Daylight savings time is always hard on my kids. It will take at least a week to fully adjust. I, however, have embraced it as the catalyst to help me regain my hour of quiet before the girls get up.

Francesca said...

how interesting to read about a doctor on call, from his home perspective!