Thursday, November 17, 2011

from Thursday evening

The house is still, and quiet, except for the faint murmuring coming from the direction of the guest room, and the wind blowing outside. It feels more lived in tonight. It's good to have it full. Fuller.

We are ready for Grandparents and Special Friends Day at school tomorrow. I signed up to bring cookies to Abbott's classroom; they're having a tea party. Earlier this week I bought ingredients to make macaroons. When I told Abbott the plan, he vehemently told me he wanted to bring whoopie pies. I suppose I could have asked him first. Parenting is a learn as you go activity, sometimes. So, back to the store I went, and tonight I let him and Cal do the baking and then the making.

We may get snow tonight. Fingers are crossed.

I just bought the boys the Lego Star Wars advent calendar. Now I need to get to work on filling our usual advent calendar. (Some of my ideas from past years, if you'd like to see, are here.) It's hard to believe December is just around the corner. I went to a parent council meeting this morning and there were candy canes and brownies served. The president, provider of the treats, said she's trying to get us to think ahead.

Anyway. I wish you a peaceful evening, wherever you are. xo


The F Girl said...

I love these little peeks into your life. We live on the other side of the world, yet I see so many similarities. That's nice :)

Tracy said...

Knife and spoon...a great whoopie pie filling technique. Hope your day is sunny :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a beautiful way of reminding me just how lovely being in the moment is.

Thank you, Cyndi x

Allison said...

Kudos to you for teaching your boys to cook.

KPiep said...

Too funny! Whoopie pies are one of Gillian's favorite cookies to make too!

Francesca said...

homebaked macaroons sound wonderful to me, but then I never had whoopie pies - looks like they came out well!