Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Gift Guide

This week I'm busy figuring out the last of the gifts I need to buy, and delivering those I've made (tins full of homemade treats). Here are some of the things we love to give and receive:

Seasonal truffles by Moonstruck.
Hand pulled candy canes - mmmm.
Whimsy & Spice gift box.

A baggu bag.

I received this pair of earrings as a college graduation gift and still wear them all the time; they would make a special gift. I also love these. Both by Judie Gumm, an Alaskan jeweler.

Fog Linen Daily Apron.

Table Topics would make a great family gift. We use this set nearly every night.

I like to give bare books with art supplies to kids.

The Filson travel kit for a nephew or a brother.

Cloud cookie cutter!

A cookbook stand.

Magnetic measuring spoons are one of the best things in my kitchen.

Everyone could use a Leatherman.

These chalkboard place mats are on our family's wish list.

For your comic lover: Celebrating Peanuts: 60 Years. We gave this to Abbott a couple of years ago; he still reads from it several times a week.

Tickets, memberships, and gift certificates to favorite restaurants all make wonderful gifts.


Emily Vanessa said...

Such a great list, thanks for the inspiration Lecia. One of my kitchen essentials is a cookbook stand and I use it too when I read novels at mealtimes. I had my ears pierced a few years ago so earrings are always on my list and the cloud cookie cutter is irresistable.

Francesca said...

I wonder if in my luggage there's room for a cloud cookie cutter ... :)
Thanks for the links!

KPiep said...

What a lovely list!

emma said...

Lovely list - the Peanuts series were my favourite when I was little, it warms my heart that kids are still into it! (and I still have all mine).