Thursday, December 15, 2011

a few good things

I'm starting to daydream about snow; daydreaming is as far as it may go for a while. Photos from last winter in Whistler.

This week I was cheered by the sight of a few Christmas sweaters worn without irony. And the holiday lights and decorations becoming more and more prevalent around the neighborhood - some of them are crazy!

While waiting at a corner to cross a street with Cal, a man in his mid-twenties stood next to us. He started to cross when the coast was clear, though the sign still indicated 'Don't Walk!' But then he stopped and turned and said to me, 'I'm not setting a very good example, am I?' Extraordinary and wonderful, to have another mindful of my child in that way.

Happy Thursday.


Anonymous said...

That blue photo... just so beautiful. I remember the image where your son looks to the mountains. One of the best & touching photos i've ever seen!
Merry christmas to you!

iimarre (flickr/instagram)

Karin said...

We had some wet snow today, but ofcourse that turned into rain later. Such a shame.

Love the story about that young man.

Sammi said...

i love that story :)

KPiep said...

Love the story about the crosswalk!