Monday, December 19, 2011


'Cal, do you believe in Santa?'
'Of course I do.'
'Me too. Some of my classmates don't.'
'That's ridiculous.'

'If I was the youngest, I'd sell my pyjamas when they were too small for me.'
'I don't care about money - it's too much work, putting it in my piggy bank.'

Last year's Santa visit.

PS - Capture The Magic is a clever idea -- upload a picture of your living room, and superimpose an image of Santa.


Emma said...

Gorgeous photo of your boys this year - last year's photo is so heart warming also.

Have a lovely Christmas :):)

country girl said...

Your boys are so wonderful. And they love each other so much. You can really see it in this picture.

Sammi said...

i love the idea of capture the magic!

Francesca said...

I think my eldest discovered about Santa when he was 10. He was disappointed, while his brother was enraged that we'd *lied* to them for so long. However, now they tell their little sister stories about Santa.

KPiep said...

Belief is still very important to us, too. I hope my girls have an easy transition with Santa like I did....and I hope we still have a few years.