Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This morning, I accompanied Abbott's fourth grade class on a field trip to a mosque, as part of their study of world religions. Our guide at the mosque started by saying that we all have the same God, and many ways of praying. Well said, I thought.

Afterward, I went to Costco. The person in line ahead of me had a pointsetta, a ham, and a multipack of tissue boxes in his cart. Just about right for this point in December.

Which Love Language Suits You? I look forward to reading this.

A Dozen Wrapping Ideas.

Happy Tuesday. xo


Emily Vanessa said...

I got my poinsettia the other day, a red one with glitter that looks so pretty. Can't imagine Christmas without them. Those fallen leaves in your photo look like stars which I love. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and links, it's lovely to enjoy the Christmas build-up here.

KPiep said...

Lovely thoughts from the mosque!

Becky said...

So interesting. I love that they went to a mosque. And I was just reflecting that if Laura's school did that (a public school in suburban Atlanta), parents would FLIP OUT. For so many reasons. Sigh.

Sammi said...

Ah yes, such a brilliant way of explaining religion to children. It's a shame that adults don't see it that way, there would be a lot less war.