Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday evening

The sunrise faded into day before our very eyes on the drive to school this morning. We began listening to The Apothecary at Abbott's recommendation; he loved reading it. I try to keep up with him as best I can. I love our car conversations, and I love the shared silence of enjoying a book together.

I heard some of the best and worst news today, in equal measure, from the same friend. You just never know.

The afternoon, as always, full of lego and snacks and hockey and studies; conversations about the playground and the Congo and area and perimeter.

Wednesday evenings Abbott and I have dinner alone, while Cal and Alexi have hockey. And over the course of these dinners, what I don't say is as important as what I do.

Trying to stay dry, take it as it comes. January. Yet I love where we're at right now.


emily said...

what i don't say is as important as what i do. amen.

Jade Sheldon said...

I'm new to your blog and photography work. Your images are so captivating and inviting.

Ana San said...

I just found your blog through This Joy Ride, and the photographs you take are beautiful. I'll certainly be checking here back for more :)

Tracy said...

I love this series of photos. It's just right.

KPiep said...

This post sounds much like my journal entry last night. I love little slices of life like this!

And we had Legos on our wed as well!