Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1

This morning, I heard bird songs that haven't been present in some months.

I noticed people playing tennis, outdoors, at a park, when I was stopped at a red light.

There was enough light to play street hockey until dinner was ready.

Happy February.


likeschocolate said...

Gotta love those sunny days in Seattle.

Jess said...

We heard chickadees yesterday!
It's been unseasonably warm here in MN too.

Elsa May said...

lovely light in your image - i too have noticed there being more light at the end of the day - it feels as though the earth is slowly waking. have a wonderful day. Annie x

jenny said...

After all that snow we had, it is back to 45 degrees and rain. Seems like spring will be here before we know it... which is a-ok with me! I can't wait to see flowers bloom.

Erica said...

You have flowers blooming!?! Wasn't it just a week or two ago you were snowed in?

KPiep said...

Sounds lovely...although I still would like some snow!