Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I love this (instagram) picture. I sent it to a few relatives, and my father in law said it looks straight out of the fifties. Maybe that's why it's so endearing. Who was it who said, 'Nostalgia is the opium of the age'?

I've had a great dread of theme parks since becoming a parent. Somehow, we've managed nine and a half years of parenthood without one mention of Disneyland, maybe or maybe not due to the lack of media exposure in our household. We have had repeated requests to visit Legoland, however.

We decided to bite the bullet and go over the midwinter school break last week.

The park has a nice balance of rides, activities, and things to look at. It was surprisingly uncrowded, perhaps because we went on two weekdays, perhaps because it was their low season.

Not surprisingly, we spent the most time studying the Star Wars displays.

The apple fries with vanilla creme fraiche dipping sauce were amazing. Just like apple pie.

I loved the many depictions of places. Here is just a small sample of what there was to see.

Tomorrow, photos of our time in the desert. xo


chai ling said...

love the photo of Abbott leaning on R2D2 :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures - they made my 9 year old very happy. He is hoping we will take him for his 10th birthday but sadly we are in the southern hemisphere so one day :)

EMMA said...

WOW I can't wait to show this to my boys when they get home.
Another good reason to visit California! And what with Seattle a short plane ride away...
(I've been to both places before, and I think they are both great)

Darcy said...

Great photos. They make me want to go to legoland!

pve design said...

One of my boys was a huge lego master builder.
Now he is in college and studying engineering.
Fantastic images and what fun for your lego loving boys.

Kwana said...

These are fantastic. Now I want to go.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thanks so much, friends.

Patricia: I've wondered if Cal will end up an engineer or something similar - he spends every free waking minute building. Neat to hear about your son.

gia said...

Personally, I would much rather see pictures of the desert! ;) That looks like torture to me. I guess I'm getting old.

Jade said...

Aw, looks like so much fun! My fiance, who is 25, has been buggin me to go, haha! We both grew up playing with legos. My brother would be gifted these huge, intricate sets and would always ask me to build them for him so he could then play with the finished product. It was the only thing I was ever good at building.

molly said...

we've made it 11.5, and we're about to make it, longer. we had the opportunity to go to orlando, over spring break. no one jumped. no one. least of all me. thank goodness.

but legoland, oy, it does look lovely.

also, i loved your observations about the importance of hotel room time. i often think it's the part my kids love the best (cable! games! bed-jumping!). good to know we're not alone in that :)

welcome home, lecia.


Donna said...

Amazing! Makes me wish for grandchildren even more so I'd have an excuse to go!!

KPiep said...

That is amazing! I'll have to show the girls after school.