Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday night

There were no 7 or 8am hockey games or practices all weekend long, for the first time since the holidays. Instead, we slept. When I did get up, I made coffee and then read in bed with Abbott. Some time later, after Cal woke up, I worked a puzzle with him. Later still, I made pancakes, and all four of us sat and ate them together. We spent more time at home this weekend than we have since, I'm guessing, last summer. To the point that dinner tonight was a clean out the pantry affair. I thought maybe we'd go out, I guess; I don't know how else to account for the lack of planning. Or maybe I just didn't think about it at all, until that point in the afternoon when the light started to change and I realized, soon, we'd all be hungry.

A neighbor was here, most of the day, playing with the boys. They asked if he could stay for dinner. I felt sheepish about what we had to offer and started to say 'no', then backed up and told him what we were having, expecting he would say he had to go. He said, 'Those are my favorite foods.' So it was settled. And we ate and were satisfied.

Best wishes to you this evening and for the day to come.


Karin said...

That sounds like one of those days that they'll remember to be one of the best. Just being together. Wonderful.

Have a great week! said...

My best meals are always the ones that are prepared on the spurr of the moment - these are the ones which are the most creative and stretch my creativity and resourcefulness.
I enjoy your blog very much and your photography is an inspiration.

Tracy said...

What did you eat?

KPiep said...

I'm absolutely horrid when it comes to meal planning. My kids are lucky they eat some days!