Thursday, March 22, 2012

the best

The way Cal’s face lights up at the sight of me when I pick him up in the afternoon. He barely restrains himself from throwing his arms around me with the expectation that I carry him out, as he did such a short time ago, last year in kindergarten.

The call from Alexi in the middle of a busy work day, to say hello, without a specific question or request.

Hearing from a parent who gave a presentation on water to the fourth graders today that Abbott vigorously and enthusiastically raised his hand to answer several of her questions.

Tonight, watching Abbott and his teammates scrimmage with their coaches. The boys are nimble with a low center of gravity such that the adults had to be careful not to trip over them.

What were the best things about your day? I'd love to know.


Anonymous said...

My four year old daughter started a conversation and carried it out longer than I expected. It was so fulfilling.
My 11 month old daughter kissed me today (open mouth baby kiss). She liked it so much, she did it four more times.
My husband said my breads are as beautiful as art.

I love your blog.


Emily said...

Using the hour before work that I usually waste to start work on my vegetable beds, and the sun being warm enough while I did it to strip down to a t-shirt.

The sunset on the drive home.

Love your blog - I visit daily but I think this is my first time commenting.

Anonymous said...

Pancakes for dinner!
Long talks around the dinner table talking about our day at work or school.
Really good coffee.
Reading Calvin and Hobbes 'one more time' and tucking in our son for the night.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I'm reading this after only a few hours of my day, but there have been some good bits so far. I've sat in a new cafe with big beautiful yellow tulips and sunshine, my mother-in-law sent me a nice note about my last blog post (fun to know she's reading), and I just received a warm smile and hello from a stranger on my walk up the hill.

Eve said...

the best of my thursday : beautiful new glasses, a delicious earl grey, Purcell in the car, pizzas with the kids !
I love your blog, and the view from your house !
from France, Eve

Kay said...

The best of my Thursday: oldest son home from college-talking,running (short distances)with husband, laughing with younger 2 children on the ferry back from music lessons.(yes,we live on Bainbridge Is.)
I enjoy your blog looking from the other-side of the water.

Anonymous said...

Tonight, it was coming home from work to freshly mown grass and the dishwasher unloaded by my husband who was home today. Thin and crispy pizza with a nice, big salad.

JRA said...

Eating a golden beet salad for lunch, so yummy!

Taking a really long walk with two very good friends, the weather was perfect.

The fact that my 8 year was eager and ready for school 20 minutes early.

That another parent told me how nice and polite my 11 year old son is.

My husband called to check on me (and the dog)knowing that I had a busy, busy day ahead of me.

Ann said...

feeling creativity stir, then ignoring it and reading blogs about others creativity. :-) beautiful photos.

Anonymous said...

waking up to a bed full of boys and a dog
going to bed knowing everyone I love is within reach
that always makes me feel rich rich

KPiep said...

I'm late replying, and it's still early in the day.....but....the best thing about today has been watching the sunrise over the mountains surrounding Tucson as our airplane took off. That view did a lot to ease my flying fears.