Monday, March 12, 2012

on the road

From the passenger seat yesterday, somewhere in eastern Washington.

Whew. That was not what I expected at all. I’m still rubbing my blurry eyes, after getting home after midnight last night and ten hours in the car. In my mind I tend to romanticize road trips – you know, singing along to the radio, together, song after song, for hours on end, blah blah blah. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We spent the past few days in Spokane, on the other side of Washington state, for a hockey tournament of Cal’s. We didn’t anticipate snow and snow-related accidents closing the mountain pass that must be crossed to get home, just miles before we entered it (this is mid-March!). Last weekend we traveled over the very same pass to and from Wenatchee, without incident. Last weekend we had our boots, our sleeping bags, our shovel in the trunk. Last night, as we sat, parked on I-90 watching the snow fall, we had none of it with us. And I worried and fretted. Fortunately, we had just filled up our gas tank and replenished our candy supply. I am much more cheerful under duress with sugar on board. We sat in line, parked, for quite some time, wondering if the road would open again before morning, calling friends and neighbors to discuss our options, before deciding to backtrack to another mountain pass to find our way home. The boys were fine - they played video games until they fell asleep, unable to believe their good fortune.

I know many of you are tired today, too. We all set our clocks forward yesterday, and I’ll bet I wasn’t the only one scowling at the still-dark sky at 7am. Another parent told me, as we stood outside First Grade waiting for the doors to open, that more heart attacks occur the weeks after daylight savings than at any other time of year. I’m not surprised.

Roadside cafe in Tokyo, Washington.

Tell you what – I'm going to rest up, and tomorrow I’ll be back with more from the weekend.

I’ll just say what I already let some of you know, via facebook and twitter, from the road. Cal’s team won first place in the tournament, and as I watched those boys play their hearts out, it felt like watching the Olympic gold medal game.

Cal scores!


Ina in Alaska said...

I saw your Facebook posts when you are on the road and am glad to see all went well.

I am familiar with that Pass, but only traveled on it in summer months, but as I did I wondered what it would be like in a stormy setting. Glad you all made it home safely!

Irina said...

Hi Lecia,

We've also been to this tournament in Spokane this weekend and my son's team T-Birds Blue took the 4th place. Congratulations on the 1st place! I can imagine how hard the boys played to win it! We've cheered on this tournament like never before :)
Good thing that you made home safely. Unfortunately, this trip ended with the totaled car for us as we were the part of that huge piled-up accident on I-90 and made home only on Monday morning. Good thing that all three of us are OK.

PS I read your blog regularly and it is my first time commenting. I love your writing. Thank you for sharing.


KPiep said...

I'm glad you got home safe and sound!

Daylight savings hit us really hard this time....especially since Tanith got sick, which meant I've been up all night since and her sense of day and night has grown fuzzy with all of the fever sleep. Hopefully well adjust in the next few days!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thank you, friends.

Irina: I'm glad you made it home safely - so sorry to hear about your ordeal!

Kristin: I hope everyone in your house is back on their feet, so to speak, very soon. xo

Francesca said...

Congrats to Cal's team!