Sunday, March 18, 2012


Midmorning, as I waited for Abbott to get out of his hockey gear, I daydreamed about what I would make for dinner. I decided I’d put together some sort of risotto full of fresh herbs, broil a salmon, and bake a cake – an almond cake I’ve been wanting to try. I planned to stop at the market on the way home from the rink to buy the fish and produce.

Then I was reminded that Cal’s end-of-season hockey party was this afternoon, and my cooking reverie evaporated.

The party was at this crazy place with bumper cars, miniature golf, laser tag, video games, bouncy house – you name it - all under one roof. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be for Alexi and me – we were actually able to converse a bit in the miniature golf area; miraculously, the music didn’t get piped in there. The boys had a great afternoon, and were a bit dazed and subdued on the walk back to the car.

We stopped at Delancey for dinner. Alexi and I sat knee to knee and shared a salad as he played peek-a-boo with a nearby toddler, who signed 'more' to him whenever he took a break.

In this new week I have less on the calendar than in the past few weeks, good news, and more I want to do, also good. I’ve woken up earlier than I’ve needed to the past few days, apparently eager to get started. It’s hard to beat that.

Wishing you a satisfying week.


Francesca said...

I like daydreaming about dinner, and then having someone else cook it for me :)

Urban Girl said...

Sounds nice...
I hope you get to make your Herb risotto and Salmon dinner some time this week, in celebration of Spring... I am Persian and our new falls on the Coming of Spring (which was last night at 10:14 pm)... for New Year we dine on fresh fish and fresh herb rice... I wonder if that has an ancient connection to Spring?
You can see a picture of it (and other New Year related pics on my pinterest if you like :)

KPiep said...

I had to giggle about the party...I once had to go to a grown up version of that type of place, while immensely pregnant, and it was horrid! Now it's a funny story...but at the time....well, let's just say I didn't handle it nearly as well as you did.